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Quotes I had the pleasure to work with Don when we were both speakers at ACoP 2008 in Tucson. We both talked about presentation skills. My area dealt with tailoring content to a specific type of decision maker, and Don shared a wide variety of guidelines and how to apply them to help us become the best communicators we could be. I went first and Don demonstrated his spontaneity by weaving parts of my talk into his. In addition, the audience had an absolutely great time listening to his engaging presentation and laugh-out-loud humor. I highly recommend Don as a speaker or coach. Quotes
Peter Bonate
Senior Director, Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics, GSK

Quotes Working with Don when he was Creative Director at Gartner was always a pleasure. While my area of expertise wasn't his, he is a quick study and when we collaborated, we always found a satisfying solution. In fact, Don's nickname was the problem solver. He earned this by asking the right questions and collaborating in such a pleasurable way that I looked forward to being stumped so I could watch him work through the problem. When we collaborated, it was like working with a best friend. This was especially true when deciding how to make a presentation memorable. We worked together to prepare for Gartner conferences where presentations regularly had over 500 people in the audience. I always received high scores and positive feedback for the content and the delivery. If you're looking for a creative person who is tireless and fun to work with, you'll do no better than to choose Don. Quotes
Rita E. Knox
VP and Research Director, Gartner

Quotes As Creative Director at Gartner, Don was responsible for the visual support at our many conferences. As a featured speaker, I always looked forward to working with him on my presentations. He was incredibly helpful and very personable. We always had a great time in our rehearsals. And although we entertained the audience, we educated them as well. Like all of Don's creations, we drove home a key point and made it memorable. If you're looking for someone to create value for you, make you stand out and be memorable, and work with someone who is eager to think outside the box, I unequivocally recommend Don. Quotes
Linda Pittenger
Senior Vice President, Gartner

Quotes I had the pleasure of working with Don when he was creative director at Gartner. One of his tasks, which he created and added to his job description, was coaching our research analysts. Bear in mind that public speaking is generally a much feared activity. Don managed to combine his deep insight in how to communicate effectively with a sense of humor that made his advice easy to follow. And it was fun. This was true for both experienced speakers and novices. I would recommend Don for any position that requires creativity, coaching and team building skills. Quotes
Bill Kirwin
Vice President and Research Director, Gartner

Quotes It was a delight to work with Don on numerous projects at BMS. Don balances his powerful command of subject matter - the development and execution of communications strategies and tactics, with a sensitive and nuanced appreciation of interpersonal dynamics in a truly artful manner. His interventions are insightful yet skillfully woven into the fabric of the decision-making framework. I look forward to future opportunities where we might collaborate. Quotes
Avik Roy
Director, Planning & Business Operations, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Quotes Don is one of the kindest, most creative people I've ever met. He has an intuitive ability to work with all personality types, gain their trust, and coach them to greater heights, especially when it comes to public speaking and acting. He helped create a new revenue stream for Garter and coached me for both in acting and speaking assignments. I couldn't have done it without him. Quotes
Roger Grannis
Vice President, Media Products, Gartner

Quotes Don's reputation for creative excellence earned him respect from many Gartner analysts - including myself. Gartner analysts typically speak several times a year at major conferences, including Gartner Symposia. Don turned mediocre public speakers into polished, self-confident presenters. Personally, he is down-to-earth and comfortably approachable. Quotes
Maurene Caplan Grey
Research Director, Gartner